BE NOT AFRAID follows famous biblical narratives through a lens of satire and sci fi. In the highest heaven, there sits a recording angel, running a time-defying podcast. And if you are hearing him, this means that you are a prophet of the Lord. 

No pressure.

The very title of this audio drama comes from the iconic angelic phrase from more archaic translations of the Bible. BE NOT AFRAID, to be shouted at unsuspecting mortals to defuse the horrifying experience of witnessing the divine: multiple eyes and all. The angels believe the phrase is very helpful.

Started in 2020, BE NOT AFRAID grew out of an obsession with angelology, mythology, and the occult. The main inspiration for the story is, naturally, the First Book of Enoch (1 Enoch). We also find traces of other Abrahamic sources. You might have heard about the Hebrew Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Quran, in passing. Despite this, BE NOT AFRAID is not a religious or preaching podcast, but a dramatization of existing mythology. An experimental dive into the thought “what if it actually went down like this?”

A world where good and evil are useless concepts, where humans are just as compelling as angels, where the narrator is unreliable, where glory is another word for gamma radiation, where prophecy is forced and painful. In the middle of it all we find Enoch; a man turned into an angel, who is narrating everything into the skulls of mortal prophets. His technology is ancient and futuristic, and the events are out of order. But you’re completely safe, because our voice of God is contained in a lovely meatsuit. We don’t want his true voice blowing your brains out.

God itself is out of the picture and the angels are running the show… to the best of their abilities.