BE NOT AFRAID is a fictional podcast, hosted by Enoch – the Metatron, archangel and voice of God. One of a kind, he is the only mortal to have been employed by God and turned into an angel. Now his main job is to report on important and historical events, broadcasting these to mortal prophets across time and space. Come along on his journey as he quickly forgets primitive concepts like the linear progression of time, and tries to discover what it means to be a multidimensional entity made of nightmares and forced hope.


  • SCENE: INTRO ENOCH: Be not afraid! It’s just me again, the voice in your head that you just can’t stop listening to. Don’t worry, you’re not insane. And even if you are, this message is more important than the state of your sanity so you will receive it either way. Let’s look into the vortex…

  • SCENE: INTRO ENOCH: Be not afraid! I’m here to deliver a message, and that message is… uh. We’ll see. And also I want to update you a little bit about my own personal progress. I have no friends here, you see, and everybody needs someone to talk to. Even me. And you have to listen…

  • SCENE: INTRODUCTION FX: (rummaging)  ENOCH: (low humming) BEN: (glitch) ENOCH: (far away) Yeah, one second. Be not afraid! Be not afraid. I am here… inside your mind… to deliver a message! FX: (clatter) ENOCH: In one moment. I’ll be right with you, prophets. FX: (cups clanging) ENOCH: There we go. The coffee for my party…

  • An angel, a djinn and a two headed demon walk into a forge. A king dreams of building a kingdom so magnificent that even the angels want to live there.

  • SCENE 0: INTRO ENOCH: Be not afraid. Do brace yourself though, because you are about to receive another important message. A prophet once asked me, why do I need to listen attentively if there are thousands of other prophets just like me? Can’t I just listen for a couple of minutes? Or have it on…


The Story

This is the story about the voice of God, The Metatron, and the struggles of being an oddball in a foreign place.

The Cast

Many amazing voice actors have lent their talents to this audio drama. Here you can find information about the stars of each episode.

The Creators

If you want to learn what kind of people that could possibly conjure up this comedic abomination, this is the place for you.


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