How often do you update?

A very good question. The short answer is that it varies. We, the creators, have full-time obligations elsewhere, and do this in our limited free time. Make sure to subscribe to our episodes, or even better, help support us on Patreon so we can spend even more time on podding!

Why is it rated Explicit?

Because it’s difficult to write a mythological epic without brushing into adult themes such as violence, sexuality and mental illness. Rest assured that these themes are not the main focus of the podcast, but they are present. Our characters may fight, curse, be nude, have psychological breakdowns or struggle with mortality. But only as a little treat. See individual episode descriptions for specific content warnings.

How do the characters look?

As described in the podcast. The rest is up to your terrifying and wonderful imagination.

How do you spell (Character’s name, places, etc.)?

You can find all of that in our transcripts, which can be found here.

What’s the lore behind (character, episode, story, etc)?

As you’ve probably guessed, we draw mostly from the Hebrew Bible and the books of Enoch (there are three!). Broadly speaking, many of our episodes are weaved around ancient and medieval texts. The Heavenly host tier of Patreon members get to find out exactly what kind of obscure meta that compelled us to write like that. That means access to annotated transcripts of each episode, including easter eggs, references, quotes from original ancient texts and a wide assortment of fun trivia to tickle your brains. 

I’m confused by the pronouns, could you explain it?

God’s pronouns are always changing. Our narrator Enoch is speaking through a feminine model of a meat suit, but keeps his old pronouns out of habit. A majority of the angels use he/him pronouns by default, because in the beginning, “he” was the only pronoun. It takes them a while to catch up. Some don’t care. Some wear gender like a crown. The exception would be Cherubim, who with their four heads go by they/them. 

What are the artists of the background music? 

Where can I find the music you use?

All of our music is arranged by Tommy, made out of several samples from looperman.com, and loopcloud. The samples are from countless different artists. In the future, Patrons will have access to downloadable tracks from the show.

Where can I post fanart?

Anywhere you like! If you want us to see it, use the hashtag #bnapod. 

I’m interested in voice-acting in future episodes! How do I audition?

Follow us on CastingCallClub to get notified when we’re looking for new voices!