• SCENE: INTRODUCTION FX: (rummaging)  ENOCH: (low humming) BEN: (glitch) ENOCH: (far away) Yeah, one second. Be not afraid! Be not afraid. I am here… inside your mind… to deliver a message! FX: (clatter) ENOCH: In one moment. I’ll be right with you, prophets. FX: (cups clanging) ENOCH: There we go. The coffee for my party…

  • An angel, a djinn and a two headed demon walk into a forge. A king dreams of building a kingdom so magnificent that even the angels want to live there.

  •!07e95 Yohana and Mamre continue their mission, on the run from archangel Michael. The entire host of heaven are preparing for what they think will be another War In Heaven. Satan has entered the chat.

  •!80bfa “Did God just order a heist on his own kingdom?” The Egyptian magicians, Yohana and Mamre, get a strange divine request. They begin their journey through the radioactive seven Heavens, and a conspiracy begins to unfold.

  •!a5f66 A malfunction in the Vortex of Events causes Enoch to be thrown blindly into a past memory. A messenger from God informs Enoch that he’s been fired. Where else is there to go but Hell?

  •!f84c6 The angels find Eden floating isolated in space. Seeing God isn’t around, they host an extravagant party with the host of heaven and hell. What could possibly go wrong?

  •!0e472 Science is introduced to humanity too early, too quickly, as a group of angels fall in love with humans and have children together. In the middle of all the chaos, a man gets a job offer from God that he can’t refuse.

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